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Pay Transparency in Real-Time


Take the guesswork out of compensation

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Pay Transparency built on Verified Salary Data and AI

TalentValue™ pinpoints the value of talent in today’s job market.

TalentValue™ features:

  • Company search: peg market pay at 16,500 companies
  • Total compensation: displays total pay estimates, built on
  • 8 filters: search market pay by 8 filters, including
  • Real-time data: salary data updated weekly.

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TalentValue™ applies artificial intelligence (AI) to millions of verified salaries* to deliver a new era of pay transparency.

For the first time, a compensation solution pegs job market data* for thousands of roles at public and private technology companies.

Pay Transparency in Real-Time


Unique Technology Roles


Accuracy for Cash Compensation


Job offers exceed salary surveys


With TalentValue™, you can filter compensation by company, funding stage, micro-markets, and region. For the first time, TalentValue™ lets you monitor pay across experience levels, valuation and talent rank.


TalentValue™ delivers both a competitive tool and benchmarking solution wrapped into one. Comparison reports highlight how roles at different companies command different pay packages.

Instant Market Pay

TalentValue™ automatically creates a 7-page Market Pay report you can share with anyone with just a click. Market Pay reports help everyone get on the same page for compensation.

Compare job compensation data across all markets in real-time

TalentValue™ at work

Want to take a peek at CompEdge™, our full Talent Intelligence platform?

CompEdge™ leverages business intelligence and advanced analytics to:

  • Maximize Employee engagement
  • Minimize Attrition
  • Stay competitive with Compensation

* Built on more than 1.2 million verified salaries (and growing) at more than 22,000 companies.

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